“I have been presenting roots music on radio since 1965 and you can imagine how many recordings I have listened to over that period of time. One test of the quality of a great recording is if I play it over and over again in my car until it's worn down to a beer coaster. Very few recordings reach this point. One that did is Dust Bowl Soul by Leejay Rudenjak. Over the years I am certain that I will have to request more copies from Leejay as I know they are going to wear out fast. Dick Neal, the George Martin of this project, has done a masterful job of choosing top notch musicians and blending everything around Leejay's unforced, laid back voice. Leejay’s writing talents are presented under just the right amount of spotlight. This is one of the most listenable recordings that I have had the pleasure to enjoy over the years. Let me also touch base with one of the best songs I have heard, Where the Ghost Locomotives Go from Leejay’s Switchtracks album. Stop what you are doing right now and get up and get a copy of both of these remarkable recordings.”

Jim Albertson (Smithsonian/Folkways recording artist, First President N.J. Folklore Society, Host of the Down Jersey Radio Program), May 2011.